Have you ever filled your tire with air without a pressure gauge? It’s pretty hard to tell just from simply feeling the tire to determine how full it is. If you fill it with too much pressurized air, it will pop and send hard rubber flying.

Although that’s a simple illustration of the importance of pressure measurements, scale it up, and you’ve got a key consideration of most mechanical industries. Replace that auto tire with a truck’s tires carrying literal tons of material. The importance of the presence of proper pressure measurements  scales up, too.

Keep reading to learn how making good pressure measurements is one of the most important elements of everyday operations in a variety of industries.

Keeps Substances In

In a refinery or other chemical production setting, good pressure measurements are what stand between volatile chemicals and their handlers. Pressure monitoring is essential during chemical manufacturing/production processes. Pressure sensors provide feedback helping keep substances where they’re supposed to be by monitoring for leaks, allowing handlers to work with the machinery and substances safely.

No Hydraulic Failures

How exactly do hydraulics work? Hydraulics use a system of fluid under high pressure to create power/forces strong enough to operate machinery. The amount of force that hydraulic machinery creates needs to be regulated to keep the machinery functioning properly.

Without a proper pressure sensor, the machinery is prone to failure and potentially  puts its operator in a very unsafe situation. Misuse or lack of a pressure sensor with hydraulics can be life-threatening.

No Pneumatic Blow Outs

Pneumatic equipment is similar to hydraulics, except that it uses air rather than fluid to create pressure/force. Once again, without a functioning pressure sensor on the pneumatic equipment, the machinery can blow out, sending bits of the machinery flying or might simply not create the force needed for the process. Even simple equipment, like air compressors, are prone to causing severe injury if a pressure measurement is not available or functioning properly.

New Equipment, New Pressure Sensors

Although growing technology in industrial fields has certainly solved a lot of problems, it has also created some. Industrial equipment is getting updated and improved to include more and more feedback from electronic sensors. Electronic gauges and/or sensors are able to replace their older mechanical cousins, helping to create safer operating environments for all machinery.

Safety Is Key

Pressure sensors are key to operating machinery safely. When an operator can’t regulate or check pressure on their equipment, they’re put at risk.

Hydraulic machinery tends to be very large and big trucks can carry thousands of pounds of materials. You don’t want either malfunctioning.

Pneumatic machinery tends to pack a big punch. Even the smallest variety of pneumatics, like a pressurized gun duster, can cause big injuries if pressure feedback is not available.

Pressure sensors are certainly essential for smooth everyday operations, but safety is what’s most important here. Functioning pressure sensors on all machinery can literally save lives.

Are You All Set?

Now that you’ve read up on the importance of pressure sensors, get in touch with your local Sentech sensor support engineer  for a visit to your facility to talk about gearing up your machinery for increased safety and productivity. We would love to help!