Sentech Measurements

Your Trusted Sensor & Instrumentation Source

Sentech Measurements, Inc. was formed over 25 years ago with the sole purpose to provide professional engineering sales support for the sensor, transducer, and instrumentation manufacturing community.Sentech sales engineers have a combined 100+ years of experience in the sensors business and all are degreed, experienced, and trained professional sales engineers. Sentech has grown through the years with the singular resolve of helping our customers succeed while balancing the capabilities and direction of our principals. Our customers are number one and without them, we are nothing. We all live inside our sales territories and have a direct stake in both the success of our local customers and in their businesses.

Sentech sales engineers have an extreme technical competence in sensing and instrumentation technologies. We don’t sell commodities, we don’t sell based on price. We sell based on service, trust, and expertise. Sentech Measurements, Inc. is your best choice for professional sensor selection and support whether your application is for several sensors for test or for many thousands inside your globally competitive and innovative product.

For immediate, unbiased, and expert assistance with your sensor and instrumentation needs, contact your local Sentech Sales Engineer.