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Sentech Measurements

We are sensor experts.

With over 25 years in the business, Sentech Measurements specializes in the engineering sales representation of sensor and instrumentation technologies for Test, OEM, Process Control, and R&D applications.

Our sales engineers are experienced, professional, and knowledgeable in the measurement sensor and instrumentation field. Whether your application is for several sensors for test or for many thousands inside your globally competitive and innovative product, Sentech Measurements, Inc. is your best choice for professional sensor selection and support.

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Your Trusted Sensor & Instrumentation Source

Based in California and Nevada, our continued success is credited to the high level of pre-sales assistance and post-sales support that we provide. The companies we work with are among the finest in their respective industries, combining quality products with excellent customer service. We are available to help you with application support and analysis, sensor selection and specification, demonstration and evaluation units, or custom OEM sensor designs. Call today to receive an immediate consultation with your local Sentech sales engineer.

For immediate, unbiased, and expert assistance with your sensor and instrumentation needs, contact your local Sentech Sales Engineer.