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Gauge – Gauge pressure refers to pressure measurements in relation to atmospheric pressure. A gauge pressure sensor has either a vent hole or vent tube that allows the back side of the sensor’s diaphragm (internal to the sensor’s housing) to see atmospheric pressure and measure relative to it. This is why gauge sensors read zero […]

Pressure sensors/transducers/transmitters are offered with a wide variety of pressure ranges, configurable options, sizes and approvals. This can make selecting the proper pressure sensor for your application difficult. The following are the key features of a pressure sensor design/construction that need to be considered to help narrow down selection and ensure the most appropriate sensor […]

What Is Sensor Technology? Sensor technology is helping advancements in a wide variety of industries, such as automobile manufacturing and even animal health. As a manufacturing business, how can top technologies and their instrumentation help to grow your brand’s influence and expand your client base? Read on to learn how the latest advances in sensory technology help streamline your business and make […]

Have you ever filled your tire with air without a pressure gauge? It’s pretty hard to tell just from simply feeling the tire to determine how full it is. If you fill it with too much pressurized air, it will pop and send hard rubber flying. Although that’s a simple illustration of the importance of […]